My name is Virginia Villani, and in 2013 at the age of 39, I decided to leave the big city life and moved to Southern Tuscany to enjoy a quieter life surrounded by beauty and nature found near the Poggiobono Country House.

I started teaching in Japan in 2001 where I taught Italian for the first time and found it to be a gratifying and fulfilling experience. I enjoyed it so much that when I returned to Italy, I decided to continue providing language tutoring services for those wanting to travel to Italy and learn Italian in its native land. For roughly the next 10 years, I taught Italian to foreign students in Modena, Italy. After a small break for my maternity leave, I decided to return to Tuscany, the region I was born in and continue teaching.

I have a University Degree in Foreign Languages & Cultures and being a student made it possible for me to learn different teaching methods in various environments (classroom, online, college, home tuition). It was home tuition that enabled me to achieve the best possible results in the shortest time, and gave me the opportunity to dive into traditions and local culture.

It was this experience that fuelled my dream to teach Italian in a similar home-style setting in a natural, friendly and relaxed environment. The dream became a reality when I moved in this beautiful place called Tuscany and opened the Poggiobono Country House.

I taught and I’ve been teaching to students from all over the 5 continents. My students say that I have the skill and ability to understand needs, limits and their learning style. I always try to involve every student with funny, interesting and tailor-made lessons.

Who i am

I am a teacher, a mother and a countryside lover.

I travelled extensively in my 20’s and early 30’s in Europe, Asia and North America, learning and engaging with many cultures around the world. I love the discovery process that comes with travelling and meeting new people.
I am very passionate about countryside, books and the quiet life that Tuscan Maremma offers.
I love cooking, and as you may have guessed, Italian is my favorite. I enjoy preparing italian tipical food for students that decide to share family life during their stay.

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