Virgina is certified by the University of Siena to teach Italian to foreigners which allows her to focus on the appropriate areas of study for each student. After 9 years of study this is by far the best and most productive learning experience I have had.
My concern before I came was being in a rural area sort of isolated. It turned out that was not a concern. I was so busy doing things with the family that my time was full. The tours were jam packed and so enjoyable. It is amazing all the hidden gems down unassuming country roads. Once again thank you!!!

Data del soggiorno: ottobre 2019
Ellen C., student from Tallahasse, Florida USA

Mon séjour d’une semaine chez Virginia a largement dépassé mes attentes.
Tout d’abord, le lieu. Une grande maison moderne au milieu de la campagne toscane. Ma chambre avec salle de bain privée, complète et entrée personnelle. Un environnement sans fumée.
La famille. Virginia, bien sûr. Son mari et leurs deux filles, et sa mère. J’ai sympathisé tout de suite et conversé à maintes reprises avec toute la famille.
Et enfin l’enseignante elle-même. Super bien organisée, patiente, soucieuse de répondre aux besoins de son élève et de planifier ses cours en tenant compte des goûts, des préférences et du niveau de compréhension. Toujours disponible. Possédant un bon sens de l’humour, comme le reste de la famille, d’ailleurs. Et pleine d’énergie !
Le matin étant réservé aux leçons, les après-midi à la visite d’un village ou d’un endroit intéressant aux alentours, en particulier Pitigliano, Saturnia et le Jardin des Tarots.
Pour conclure, une semaine bien remplie, passée dans la convivialité et la bonne humeur. Résultat : une nette amélioration de mes connaissances de la langue italienne et une raison de plus d’aimer l’Italie.

Data del soggiorno: settembre 2019
Daniel H., étudiant franco canadien, Toronto Canada

I stayed with Virginia and her delightful family in September 2019 and had a brilliant time. To start with, the homestay in La Maremma is in a totally unspoilt area of Tuscany – it is very peaceful and tranquil. Virginia’s teaching is second to none. I found that I gained hugely in confidence in the spoken language, whilst Virginia tailored her lessons to the areas in which I wanted to progress. On top of this they were fun. Virginia also has a lovely way of helping you to correct your mistakes and to learn from them. Lessons were followed by varied excursions to places of interest in the locality which gave me an understanding of the history and geography of this part of Italy. Most importantly, Virginia and her family were so welcoming and made my stay with them so special. They explained about Italian daily life, showed me how they cooked and introduced me to their family and friends. All in all, the week that I spent with Virginia and her family was a totally immersive and fantastic experience and one that I will never forget.

Data del soggiorno: settembre 2019
Virginia R., student from London, UK

“I spent 1 week with Virginia and her beautiful family at the end of June. If you’re looking for an idyllic location to learn Italian, this is it! She lives in a beautiful home on the top of a hill overlooking vineyards, ponds, and more rolling hills. I didn’t just gain Italian skills, I gained a new family. Her daughters are funny, vibrant and kind. Conversing with them and playing card games helped my Italian even more! I learned so much Italian in just a week, but more importantly, I had the time of my life getting to know this wonderful family. I highly highly highly recommend staying here!”

Data del soggiorno: giugno 2019
Lindsay L., student from Portland, Oregon USA

After 2 weeks of language school and crowds of foreign tourists in Florens.
I arrived to the Tuscan country side of Maremma, at Virginia and her family’s home where I FINALLY COULD FEEL ITALY and hear the Italian language..!
I loved the accommodation!
With fresh air and majestic view over the open landscape of Tuscan valley just outside the glassed door from my own bedroom, walking direct outside to the nature.
Virginia is not only an experienced language teacher but also an excellent certified tour guide who took me to many beautiful historical, art, and production sites of italian delicacies such as olive oil and cheese.
…Beauty of travelling to foreign places are the encounters with local people and participating in their lives
This is an experience not many hotel stays could ever offer in essence of personal touch and authentic italian hospitality.
I am definitely planning to return..!!

Data del soggiorno: ottobre 2018
Miri K., student from Manila/Tokyo Philippines and Japan

My husband Will and I booked a homestay with Virginia to study Italian and enjoy staying with a family in Italy. This was a perfect study-vacation! First of all, Virginia is a talented and experienced teacher. She created a program for us after interviewing us on Skype. We had studied independently for eight months, and Virginia was able to choose topics of study that were just what we needed. Speaking (almost) only Italian for a week was wonderful practice. Virginia took us on trips each day. Her house is very comfortable, situated in the countryside. And her family was especially welcoming. She has two young girls, adorable and beneducate. Her husband, after traveling from Modena, spent time showing us his garden. He cooked barbecue for us one night and pizza made by Virginia another night. La nonna Rosa cooked really delicious meals for us and chatted with us. The week was just wonderful! I recommend Virginia most highly!

Data del soggiorno: settembre 2018
Michele and Will F., Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, USA

I initially did a home stay with Virginia in the spring of 2017 and my husband and son also stayed with me.
Even though they were not there to study, there was plenty for them to do in the area so they would do short day trips during my study time. I enjoyed it so much that I went back the following summer and then the summer after that!
As part of my ongoing quest to learn the Italian language and as much about the culture as I can, Virginia and I skype for an hour every week. She is a true teacher and her family is also lovely. Non vedo l’ora di ritornare!

Data del soggiorno: Agosto 2018
Lauren L., Lynnfield, Massachusetts USA

My daydreaming expectations of an Italian language home stay were more than met during my stay with Virginia and her beautiful family in September 2018. Every day was filled with laughter, learning, adventure and delicious food, all set to a magnificent Tuscan back drops of rolling green hills, ancient towns and breathtaking coastlines. Nothing was ever too much trouble for Virginia, and aside from being a very patient and dedicated teacher (not to mention her wicked sense of humour), all other facets for creating a memorable stay were covered. Grazie mille Virginia for exceeding my bellissime Italian daydreams.

Data del soggiorno: Agosto 2018
Jayne B., Perth, Australia

A week at Poggiobono was exactly what I needed to further my Italian studies. Virginia tailored sessions to my level, and reinforced the subjects during excursions and in daily conversation. Being part of Italian family life made learning fun and easy; Virginia and her family were all very kind and patient, which helped with the confidence needed to speak another language. Poggiobono is a unique experience that cannot be missed!

Data del soggiorno: agosto 2017
Sara B., London, UK

“I can’t believe it took me so long to write this review. I have been a student of Virginia for a year now and she is the best! The first time I stayed with her my husband and son came too. Even though they weren’t there to study, there was plenty for them to do in the area so they would do short day trips during my study time. I enjoyed it so much I went back the following summer and am now returning again this summer. I also Skype with her once a week. She is a true teacher and her family is lovely. Non vedo l’ora di tornare.”

Data del soggiorno: luglio 2017
Lauren L., student from Boston, Massachusetts USA

I cannot imagine having a better experience or a more effective method to improve my Italian language skills. You personalized the teaching method for me to maximize my learning from each lesson. You, your husband Gianni, your mom, and your daughters all made me feel very welcome in your home. All of you made me feel like a part of the family! Being away from Cindy, my dear wife, was difficult, but the morning lessons, the day trips to beautiful places, the quality time with your family (and the homework ;-), kept me busy and not too lonely. I have never heard or spoken so much Italian! I learned so much from your lessons with me, but also during meal times with the family. As we discussed, I plan to continue lessons with you on Skype and I definitely plan to return to Poggiobono! Grazie per una meravigliosa esperienza!

Data del soggiorno: Maggio 2017
Frank P., Chattanooga, Tennessee USA

It has been a pleasure for me to study la lingua italiana with you. Every part of these last few weeks has been wonderful.
First of all, you are a great teacher, one who took the time to learn about dyslexia and help me to study in ways that work for me. I really appreciate that. Beyond that, you made it easy for me to communicate with you as I struggled to learn the language. I was nervous the first day and you put me at ease.
Second, the side-trips into the countryside added a creative angle to the learning process. Everywhere we travelled, you knew the history of the town or area and we discussed the architecture, the art, the views, in ITALIAN. It is a wonderful tactic for expanding any student’s language skills. And seeing places like Pitigliano and Santo Stefano helped me to understand the way the locals think and live. That is part of learning Italian too.
Third, thank you for welcoming me into your home and your lovely family. My room and bath were spectacular and the views were amazing. Even in winter, Maremma is an amazing place.
Your husband, Gianni, and your two children are delightful. I really enjoyed sharing time and meals with them. I learned so many little sayings and turns of phrase from listening to the children. And it was fun interacting with them. They are precious.
Finally, I truly appreciate your character, your sense of humor and your flexibility. You helped me above and beyond your role as a teacher. You treated me like a friend.
I highly recommend you and your Homestay program to anyone interested in understanding how to speak and read Italian. You are a fabulous host, communicator and person. Your program exceeded my expectations and I feel enriched by this experience.
Grazie Mille!

Data del soggiorno: febbraio 2017
Marilyn R., student from Saint Paul, Minnesota USA

Ich habe schon mehrere Sprachreisen gemacht, dies war die beste. Virginia als erfahrene Sprachlehrerin für Ausländer hat sich perfekt auf meine individuellen Lernbedürfnisse eingestellt. Ich habe die liebevolle Atmosphäre in der Familie genossen, Virginias leckeres Essen und die interessanten Ausflüge (zu denen es von ihr auch noch sachkundige Führungen gab). So in die Familie aufgenommen habe ich nicht nur die Sprache näher kennengelernt, sondern auch das tägliche Leben. Das schöne Gäst
ezimmer zur Terrasse mit wunderbarem Ausblick in die toskanische Landschaft war noch ein Plus extra!

Data del soggiorno: gennaio 2017
Erika T., Deutschland

Grazie alla famiglia di Virginia!

Data del soggiorno: dicembre 2016
Tomoe O., Ikeda, Giappone

Of my six trips to Italy so far, my two-week study homestay with Virginia and her family has been the best for improving my Italian. She provided varied and challenging instruction customized to my learning objectives. With her as my guide, I visited coastal villages, hill towns and other points of interest that most foreigners never see. I am grateful for the chance to practice many levels of Italian: reading stories and playing games with the children, shopping at the local stores, and talking to family members, neighbours and friends about issues like politics, waste management and changing social roles. Even the family cat insisted that I speak to her in Italian when she came to my door for a morning visit. All in all, I could not ask for a more worthwhile experience.

Data del soggiorno: settembre 2016
Natalia K., Edmonton, Canada

I stayed for two weeks at the Poggibono Country House as a student of Virginia in June, 2016. It was a wonderful experience to stay with her family and to be able to interact with them. Her house sits on a hill and all around are hills and farmland. Although the Maremma is in Tuscany, it is quite different. Virginia and I spent 3 hours a day on La Lingua Italiana. She is a great teacher with lots of experience and yet I did not feel intimidated. We got to know each other quite well. Having my own private room and bath was a plus, so I could retreat if I needed to do so. I fixed my own breakfast, but everything that I wanted was provided, including gluten free things! I felt that the cost was a real bargain. We visited some place new every day and there are many interesting sites to see. I’ve had several language experiences in Italy, and this was one of the best!!

Data del soggiorno: giugno 2016
Jill P., Charlottesville, VA, USA

After taking italian language classes at schools in Italy for several years, my cousin and I decided to do something different, so we decided on a Homestay in Tuscany to further our language skills and cultural experiences. We stayed at Poggiobono Country House with Virginia, in a a beautiful setting where we had as much privacy or as much interactive time as we desired. We had stimulating and challenging, but not overwhelming language classes right at the villa, fabulous home-cooked meals and conversation with the family every day, and many days Virginia guided us on a tour of a nearby town, garden, cantina, cheese factory, or to see beautiful areas of the country. Our stay was all that we had hoped it would be and more.

Data del soggiorno: maggio 2016
Patricia L., Harrisburg, PA, USA

Thank you for a Homestay with you and your family. One of my best visits to Italy.Have been to 3 schools prior andyour classes , for me, were better. The follow up with meals, little trips over the country side of South Tuscany added to a feeling of belonging. The special trips to western cities and Islands were very nice. Also special things like the winery , the cheese factory etc filled my days with memories. More than memories, I organized my photos and showed them to my senior Italian Culture class in a lecture series. They loved it. I might add that I was personally very comfortable in my ultra clean and modern Bed / Bath area. Still recall your porches with beautiful skies and rolling hill views. Ahh no traffic, no horns – very peaceful. I will be back. Till then our weekly SKYPE lessons are really catching on.

Data del soggiorno: maggio 2016
James M., New Orleans, LA, USA

I was fortunate to spend two weeks at Poggiobono, where I undertook an Italian immersion program with Virginia Villani. My room with private bath was very comfortable, clean and quiet. Virginia is a wonderful host — very knowledgeable about the area, warm, friendly and eager to share her love of Italian culture and the history and culture of the Maremma.

Data del soggiorno: settembre 2015
Barbara P., Palo Alto, CA, USA

Kathleen learned so much during our stay in Marsiliana, Virginia, you are a great teacher and you showed a lot of love and passion in what you do, thank you so much. You ave a beautiful family, Gianni , your husband, is such a great person, calm, kind and a great father to your wonderful daughters Anna and Bianca. And what about your parents, we loved their company and I learned so much more about the Italian culture with your mom and dad,GREAT PEOPLE YOU ARE !!! Thank you again and see you next year…Love.XXO

Data del soggiorno: settembre 2014
Louis e Kathleen P., Montreal, Canada